Everybody’s talking about climate, green conversion and sustainable development goals. A lot of words, but a lot less action. We are actually doing something. Our vision is to develop a crea­tive and innovative project workshop, to make things happen, together.

Re:DO Summit will be a platform for exchanging knowledge, experiences, ideas, production, policy but primarily; to create 10 significant new concepts or projects, on the grounds of SDG 7 – Renewable energy, SDG13 – Climate action and in its form SDG 17- Partnership and negotiation.

A brainstorm-summit meeting-inspirational-melting pot in the form of a shared “workshop”, where researchers, entrepreneurs, businesses, designers and investment partners can get to­gether to establish contacts and generate momentum to kick-start specific projects, which means action to go with the words.

RE:DO Summit will bring people from all over the world together where the ambition is to develop 10 concrete projects for the benefit of the climate, the development of sustainable energy.

With RE:DO Summit, we facilitate new meetings and partnerships between companies, researchers, NGOs, politicians, financiers, advisers, designers and civilians.

If you have a professional or personal interest in making a positive impact on the climate and on sustainable energy, then RE:DO Summit is the right place to participate.

Our question to you is: "What are YOU doing to make the world more sustainable in the energy and transport area?"

RE:DO Summit is built on five professional legs that experiences and activities will encircle.

  • Excursions to several Danish projects and companies who are already working with SDG 7 & 13
  • New knowledge - as both presentations, lectures and as interactive dialogue laboratories
  • Facilitated meetings or brain dating between various stakeholders, participants and actors
  • Exhibitions and workshops on the theme of sustainable energy and climate action
  • Entrepreneur showcases and pitches